Rayjin Teppanyaki Dinning Bar Menu

Rayjin 雷神 Teppanyaki Dining Bar is a fusion Japanese cuisine adjusting to Western and local taste, with well chosen high quality ingridients treated with classy teppanyaki cooking style. Unlike the typical teppanyaki restaurant that pays too much attention to showmanship of the chef, Rayjin prioritises on food quality and dining experience, resulting in casual dining bar with that adds a fun factor watching the team producing the wide array of dishes.

Inspired by the origin of the cuisine, which is Japan, Rayjin Menu Book is designed by choosing wood for the main material with added illustration inbetween the pages. The wood are engraved with laser to represent a Japanese well known art, to the iconic manga hand drawn.

Bronze rope are used to bind the book to add a focal point. The style Japanese envelope knot are also used to ensure it stays within theme. While exuding the aesthetically point, the design also made to long lasting. The wood material used for the menu cover, while acrylics used for the inside. Not only to ensure the durability of the book, but also made so the paper inside can be change easily.


Branding, Illustration, Layout