Kajin Sushi Bar & Rayjin Teppanyaki


Kajin 花神 is a contemporary Japanese sushi bar in Bali offering modern-style sushi with an authentic taste. The name derived from the Japanese words Ka (Flower) and Jin (divine being). Using quality ingredients available topped with great hospitality in a warm ambience, Kajin has became one of Bali’s most favourite dining spots.


Rayjin 雷神 Teppanyaki Dining Bar is a fusion Japanese cuisine adjusting to Western and local taste, with well chosen high quality raw materials treated with classy teppanyaki cooking style. Unlike the typical teppanyaki restaurant that pays too much attention to showmanship of the chef, Rayjin prioritises its food quality and dining experience, resulting in casual dining bar with that little bit of fun factor watching the team create the wide array of dishes.


The project is to create an iconic takeaway packaging for both brands, keeping in mind sustainability factor to reduce unnecessary paper waste. Obi (帯, おび), sash for traditional Japanese outfits is the main inspiration behind. The obi is used as the lock and grip for the boxes stack which designed to hold up to five boxes. The takeaway box remains simple white to reduce ink usage and for consistency of both brands, while the personalisation are applied to each individual obi. The combination of box and paper bag function creates not only a functional, but also iconic and playful packaging that reflects both brands perfectly.