Cakraningrat Museum

Cakraningrat Museum located in the heart of Madura Island, Jl.Soekarno Hatta no.39A (Bangkalan), Bangkalan, Indonesia. The museum holds antique collections from Madura historical journey. Though some of the collections are lost and schatering all over the island as the museum change places, on the year of 2008 the government finally provide a home for all the collection which until now is the location of the museum. So, as the museum newly found its home, an infographics needed for the visitor to locate all the collections and exploring all the information.

The infographics use to inform the visitor not only the location of each of the collections but also useful information about the collection, which is their function and brief history. It basically use a lot of red colour as its element as one of Madura identity is their bright red color. Shields and javelin are use as graph (on the right) as the museum are known for those items. The typography uses as it has a character that resemble the Muslim characters and used as the majority of the people are muslim.